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About Us

Our History

Affordable Housing Connections, Inc. (AHC) is a federal 501c3 nonprofit corporation and a Minnesota Charitable Trust organization. Originally known as Multi-Mac (Multifamily Mortgage Affordability Corporation), AHC was chartered in 1989 as a service program of the Mortgage Bankers Association of Minnesota “to assist in preserving and expanding affordable housing.” The name was changed to Affordable Housing Connections in 2003 when its mission and program service focus was expanded.  During its initial 15 years of operation, AHC provided grant-writing services and other technical assistance to nonprofit developers, issued income compliance monitoring reports to county assessors for projects claiming property tax reductions under the Minnesota 4(d) statute, entered into a compliance monitoring agreement with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for rental housing projects sold out of its real estate-owned portfolio, and became a compliance monitor for the Section 42 low income housing tax credit program under contract with local credit issuers. Over the next decade, AHC expanded its focus to provide compliance monitoring services to HUD Participating Jurisdictions for the HOME rental housing program, developed an array of industry training programs, and broadened its range of technical services and consulting activities. 

Our Mission

We deliver monitoring, training and technical assistance to property owners and managers to protect the investment of private equity and tax dollars and to ensure continued quality affordable rental housing.

Our Core Values

Affordable Housing Connections, Inc. believes that:

• Individuals and families deserve safe, decent and affordable housing.
• There is a critical need for housing.
• Private/public partnerships and inter-disciplinary collaboration make good business sense,
  bring mutual benefit to all partners, and enhance public good.
• Structures within Affordable Housing Connections, Inc. need to reflect the community served.

Board of Directors

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