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FDIC Compliance Forms & Reporting Tools

FDIC Program Forms
FDIC Tenant Income Certification
FDIC Annual Report Form

FDIC Tenant Release and Consent Form
FDIC Under $5000 Certification Form

GRH Verification Forms
GRH Income and Rent Calculation Form
GRH 3rd Party Verification

AHC has developed the above two forms to assist you with verification and calculation of GRH. The GRH 3rd Party Verification form is sent to a GRH provider to verify receipt and amount of GRH that an applicant or tenant may be receiving. The GRH Income and Rent Calculation Form walks you through how to break down the GRH grant to determine unit rent. Please contact us with questions.

Additional Information
FDIC Reporting PowerPoint
FDIC Annual Report Submission Upload Instructions
Acceptable Forms of Income Verification

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