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HOME GDPA Statement                                                                                                      HOME Lease Addendum                                                                                                     HOME Rent Increase Request Form                                                                                   Notice of Owner or Management Contact Change                                                       Student Questionnaire

HOME Resources

HOMEfires - The official policy newsletter of the HOME Program published by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Each HOMEfires answers a specific policy question.

HOME facts - The official Financial and Information Services Division newsletter for the HOME Program published by the Office of Affordable Housing Programs. Each HOMEfact will address a topic related to HOME finance, such as HOME grants, deadline compliance, and repayments, or HOME computer systems processed in the Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS).

GRH Verification Form

GRH 3rd Party Verification

Minnesota Housing developed a new form called Housing Support and Rental Assistance Calculation Worksheet, along with guidance, to use for households receiving Housing Support (formerly known as Group Residential Housing or GRH).  The worksheet will help identify whether the Housing Support received by the household should be included as income, and when or if, the Housing Support should be treated as rent assistance.  The guidance provided by Minnesota Housing includes two examples of calculations and a sample copy of a Housing Support acceptance letter.

AHC suggests completing this worksheet for all households receiving Housing Support to check for correct rent calculations and public assistance income, especially if you have been cited for rent noncompliance.  If the calculation proves out that the Housing Support can not be considered rent assistance, rent must be adjusted to comply with applicable rent limits.  A copy of the completed form should be retained in the tenant file.

MHFA Sample Verifications

Tenant Certifications, Sample Verifications, and other Occupancy Related forms provided by Minnesota Housing Finance Agency.

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