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Tenant Income Certification and Verification Forms

Suballocator Data Practices Act Form
AHC Treatment of Common Space Unit
(Can use MN Housing form as well)
Certification of Material Participation of Non-Profit HTC Program Compliance

AHC Tenant Demographic Form
AHC does not have a “required” version. Owners may use the form MN Housing has developed.
Head of Household and Household Member Demographic Information Form
Owners also may use their own form or a form required by another program that collects the same information.

Casualty Loss Reporting                                                                                                  11-2019 Report of Casualty Loss
11-2019 Report of Property Restoration

Additional Information
Available Unit Rule Reporting

Vacant Unit Rule Reporting

HTC-27 Transfer Ownership or Change Owner Name or Status

Notice of Owner Contact Change

IRS Guide for Completing Form 8823  (rev. 01/11)
This document presents standardized operational definitions for the noncompliance categories listed on Form 8823 and is intended to provide consistent interpretation and application of Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 42 requirements among states and consistent reporting of noncompliance. Suballocator monitoring of compliance under the content of this guide began effective January 1, 2008.

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