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Amanda Hitzeman                    Manager of Strategic and Educational Initiatives

Grace Riley                                   Office Manager

Heather Gondreau                    Program Coordinator

Jennifer Arens

HTC Program Manager

Jessica Hill

Operations Manager


Lyn Burton

Executive Director



Mabruka Abdisamad 

Coordinator, Education and Leadership Center

Naomi Hrncir

Program Coordinator

Peris Outa

Program Coordinator

Stephanie Newburg

HOME Program Manager

Valerie Bell

Program Coordinator

Team of Expert Consultants

Michele Jennings

Principal, Netmajic            CHART Design & Development

Peter Austin

Principal, Forward Consulting      Office Space & Educational Course Development

Rita Ander

Inspections (HOME & LIHTC)

Will Cooley, PHD

Educational Initiatives AHC Education and Leadership Center

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