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Utility Allowance Schedules

The 2013 HOME rule changed the methods allowed to Participating Jurisdictions (PJs) for establishing utility allowances (UAs) for HOME assisted projects. Under the new 2013 HOME Rule, PJs no longer are allowed to use the UA schedule published by the local Housing Authority (HA). 

If HOME funds were committed to your project on/after August 23, 2013 and the project is not governed by HUD or MN Housing PBA contracts, then your project is affected by the 2013 HOME Rule and your HOME assisted project must use the UA schedule approved by the PJ that provided the HOME funds to your project.

If yours is an existing HOME project and you have always used the HA’s UA, then your project is exempt. HOME assisted projects to which HOME funds were committed prior to August 23, 2013 are NOT affected by this rule change and can continue to use the local HA’s UA schedule.

HOME assisted projects with HOME units that also have S-8 PBA contracts are exempt from using the new UA method. If HUD or MN Housing establishes the rent and utility allowance for the PBA units, the rent and UA established by these agencies prevail.

The City of Minneapolis developed and adopted a new UA schedule effective 5/21/18 (see below).  The City of Saint Paul is researching options before deciding how to move forward with implementing this rule change.

Dakota County 2021 Utility Allowance - Effective 3/1/21

Dakota County 2020 Utility Allowance - Effective 2/1/20

Hennepin County 2021 Utility Allowance - Effective 1/1/21

Metro HRA 2021 Utility Allowance - Effective 1/1/21

Minneapolis 2021 Utility Allowance (pre-2013 HOME Projects) - Effective 1/1/21

Minneapolis 2020 Utility Allowance (post-2013 Home Projects) - Effective 3/16/20

Saint Paul 2020 Utility Allowance - Effective 11/1/19

Saint Paul 2021 Utility Allowance (post-2013 HOME Projects) - Effective 1/1/21

Saint Paul 2021 Utility Allowance - Effective 2/1/21

Washington County 2020 Utility Allowance - Effective 1/1/21

For previous utility allowance schedules click here.

Please see the following link for additional information keeping compliant with HOME rent regulations.

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